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1. What is the purpose of the Westmoreland CARES Nonprofit Support Grant Program?
2. Who is administering this program?
3. What is the source of the grants?
4. What is the total amount available under the Westmoreland CARES Nonprofit Support Grant Program?
5. Is there a cap on the amount of the grant?
6. Will all applicants be awarded grant funds?
7. What are the eligibility requirements?
8. Are faith-based organizations eligible?
9. How can the funds be used?
10. What are some examples of ineligible expense?
11. Can the grant funds be used to cover the same items covered under another grant or loan program (i.e. Paycheck Protection Program or the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program)?
12. If a nonprofit does not have an outside audit will it still be considered for the grant?
13. Will I need to pay the money back?
14. Does an applicant have to be in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, statutes, and regulations?
15. Is an applicant eligible to apply if it has delinquent real estate taxes?
16. Are awards taxable?
17. Will documentation be necessary to provide at the end of the grant?
18. What are the record retention requirements of the grant?
19. When will the grant application process open?
20. When is the deadline to submit?
21. Why is this program only open for a short time period?
22. Does it matter if I submit my application online or mail?
23. How long will this process take; when will I receive the grant funds?
24. If I am approved, what will be required to receive the funds?
25. Will my information be kept confidential?
26. If my application is not complete, can I still submit it?
27. Who should I contact with questions concerning my application, eligibility or required documents?
28. What do I need to include with my application?