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Voting Machines Demo Survey - July 9 Unisyn ElectionIQ

  1. I am a*

  2. Please rate each machine on a scale of 0-9, where "0" indicates you "Completely Dislike" the machine through "9" to indicate you "Strongly Recommend" the machine:

  3. Rate on scale from 0-9

  4. Rate on a scale from 0-9

  5. For the machine you rated HIGHEST, what features of this machine did you like best?*

  6. Do you feel this voting machine satisfies the verifiable paper trail requirement?*

  7. Pollworker Questions: For machine you rated HIGHEST,
    Do you feel the machine was easy to set up?

  8. Do you feel the machine will be portable?

  9. Do you feel the machine will be easy to get results
    from and close?

  10. Do you feel this machine will be easy to use for voters with disabilities?

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