About Us


Westmoreland County Park Police are a branch of the Westmoreland County Department of Public Safety. Under the direction of the Westmoreland County Park Police Chief, Kirk Nolan, there are forty officers that patrol property owned and leased by Westmoreland County.


All patrols are conducted on foot, by the use of an ATV, or by vehicle. Within the department, there is also a Mountain Bike Patrol-Unit, responsible for patrols in the parks.


Aside from patrols, Park Police officers are also responsible for answering calls, aiding and assisting individuals, and investigating crimes at the following locations:


The County Park Police are responsible for crowd control and parking at several county sponsored events. These events are held within the county park system each year and draw in a crowd of over 400,000 attendees.


All officers receive training through the Municipal Police Officer Training Academy, and continue to attend training courses offered by various different organizations. In addition, officers receive annual Firearms Training, First Aid, C.P.R., and A.E.D. Training. The Park Police maintain an A.E.D. Program that is used throughout the parks system and at the Courthouse Complex.