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The regular meetings of the Board are held on the third Monday of February, April, June, September, and November. If this falls on a holiday, the meeting will be held the following Monday.


Profession Category Term Expiration
Ted Meyer
Parent Advocate 4200.11(3iii) December 2021
John Hermman
Vice Chairperson
Citizen's Organization 4200.11(3ii) December 2021
Mary Campfield
Community Group 4200.11(vi) December 2021
Kelly Ber Educator 4200.11(3i) December 2021
Alan Blahovec Community Group 4200.11(3vi) December 2020
Heather Cordial Commissioner's Representative 4200.11(1) December 2022
Dennis Daley Licensed Social Worker 4200.11(3iv) December 2023
Dr. Muna Jabbour, MD Physician 4200.11(2) December 2023
Dr. Paul A Niemiec, LPC Educator 4200.11(3i) December 2023
Mary Shrum Citizen's Organization 4200.11(3ii) December 2022
Kimberly A Sonafelt Citizen's Organization 4200.11(3II) December 2023
Heather Speeney Citizen's Organization 4200.11(3ii) December 2022
VACANT Professional in the field of religion 4200.11(3i)  
VACANT Psychiatrist 4200.11(2)