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Helping Make Your Business Successful

The making of a successful business story involves not only an excellent product or service and a market niche, but it also requires the right site with efficient, cost-effective resources and sources of funds for land acquisition and development.

Westmoreland County can't be beat with top of the line transportation, education, resources, low utility rates, and especially quality of life. Plus, our people put more into everything they do. More time, more effort, more pride! Our strong industrial heritage has produced a traditional hard-working, yet technologically advanced workforce that aims for success.

We know that location is everything! With a fully-developed industrial park system as well as various existing facilities, there are plenty of sites in Westmoreland County for your business. Perhaps even more importantly, we have an existing support network for the business community that came about as a result of a unique public / private partnership. This team of economic development professionals is available to assist you with important decisions regarding site selection, planning, financing, and other business needs.

Choose to be part of Westmoreland County's success story and tell us what can we do for your new or expanding business.