Veterans Court


Why a Veterans Court?

Veterans Courts were developed to avoid unnecessary incarceration of Veterans who have developed mental health or substance abuse problems. The goal of Veterans Treatment Courts is to divert those with mental health issues and homelessness from the traditional justice system and to give them treatment and tools for rehabilitation and readjustment. Learn more

Westmoreland County's Veteran Court Process:

The Veteran, law enforcement, the MDJ (Magisterial District Judge), or another professional may refer the Veteran to the Veterans Justice Outreach program by calling 412-735-4603 to initiate the process and determine eligibility.

First appearance

  • Veteran identified by MDJ
  • Veteran contacts VJO
  • Consents received
  • Paperwork completed

Second appearance

  • VJO informs MDJ of acceptance
  • 60 Day Review Scheduled

Third appearance

  • MDJ or CP Judge Reviews with VJO
  • Final Appearance Scheduled

Final appearance

  • Per DA Agreement
  • Charges reduced/dismissed


  • VJO notifies MDJ or CP Judge