Donate Juror Service Payments to Charity

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Westmoreland County jurors have the option to donate their juror fees to local non-profit organizations. Upon completion of their jury service, jurors may authorize donation of their fees to one of the selected organizations.  The Juror Donation Program, is a way for civic-minded people to give to a good cause while saving the county money on paper, bank transactions and postage. 

Through the generosity of Westmoreland County residents serving jury duty, the Juror Donation Program has collected over $35,000 and over 2600 jurors have participated since its inception in September, 2016.   Blackburn Center, CASA of Westmoreland, Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, and Westmoreland Food Bank were the recipients of donated fees since September 2016. The County Controller monitors to ensure that the donated fees are allocated to the chosen organizations on a monthly basis.  

The Court determines the non-profit recipients annually.  In 2019,the Juror Donation Program will benefit the Westmoreland Bar Foundation Pro Bono Program. 

The Westmoreland Bar Foundation Pro Bono Program provides legal advice and representation to qualified people who need legal help.  Pro Bono attorneys represent those who suffer physical and psychological abuse. They represent parents and children who are embroiled in custody disputes. Their service is especially important for children, who have done nothing to bring about the legal situation in which they have become involved and who may have difficulty communicating in a court environment.  Without Pro Bono, parties that lack resources, parties such as children, those who are in jeopardy of losing housing, and those who are fearful of lack of experience with the legal system, are at a disadvantage. Pro Bono provides resources so that all parties have an equal chance to be heard.