Westmoreland County's Employment Coalition

Our Mission

The Mission of Westmoreland County’s Employment Coalition is to provide Advocacy, Collaboration, and Education (ACE) in order to enrich employment opportunities for those individuals with disabilities in our county.

Our Make-Up

Multiple members of the coalition from various employment focused entities in our county meet every 2 months to carry out activities, share information, and build collaborative relationships. In the past year, the make-up of the coalition has transformed and become a core group of stakeholders with a common drive and focus. Currently, our membership includes representation from seven local supported employment agencies, the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Westmoreland Intermediate Unit, local advocates and family members, and the Workforce Investment Board.

Resources/Information Sharing

What Happens When Sheltered Workshops Close?
An article that outlines the path that Vermont took in order to become an Employment First State, over 10 years ago.

Employment First Policy
Governor Wolfe signs the "Employment First" Executive Order