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Bid Form Bid Form Bid Form Bid Form Bid Form Bid Form Bid Form Bid Form  Bid Form
Parcel Number Address Municipality Click to open...
06-01-10-0-231 313 E. 1st Avenue Derry Boro  Bid Form
39-02-03-0-002 908 E. Main Street West Newton Under Agreement
21-02-03-0-042 214 S. Diamond Street Mount Pleasant Boro Under Agreement
61-26-07-0-002 373 Charles Houck Road Unity Township Homeownership
08-01-10-0-063 424 McKinley Avenue East Vandergrift Under Agreement
10-02-03-0-230 17 Moreland Avenue City of Greensburg Under Agreement
10-02-11-0-165 24 Ohara Street City of Greensburg Bid Form
 06-01-10-0-398 302 High Street Derry Boro Bid Form
586 Shoup Ave Hempfield Township  Bid Form