Current Roads & Bridges Projects

The Westmoreland County Bureau of Roads and Bridges receives several Federal, State and County grants every year for road and bridge improvements.

These projects are funded in part by Pennsylvania Liquid Fuels funds. These funds come from taxes levied on gasoline - most of these taxes are paid to the State of Pennsylvania, and a certain percentage will go to Westmoreland County and its municipalities.

Current Projects:

  • The design is being completed for the replacement of the Beaver Run Bridge (County bridge #14) located on Story Road in Salem Township. The replacement bridge will be a single span, prestressed concrete spread box beam bridge, 30 feet 6 inches wide with a span length of 60 feet. Construction is scheduled for the spring/summer of 2018.
  • Preliminary engineering is being completed for the superstructure replacement of Puckety Creek No. 5 (County bridge #36). This bridge is jointly owned with Allegheny County and both counties will share 50% of the costs. Construction is scheduled for 2018/2019.
  • Design is also being completed for a vehicle wash building at the Public Works facility. the construction of this building is required to meet PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requirements. Construction is scheduled for 2017.
  • Preliminary engineering is being completed for the replacement of the Fourth Street Bridge located over the Norfolk Southern Railroad in North Irwin Boro. The existing bridge is currently closed due to structural deficiencies. Final design should start in 2017 with construction scheduled for 2018/2019.

Upcoming Projects:

  • Mammoth Park access roads reconstruction, Mt. Pleasant Township
  • Lillian Road reconstruction, Allegheny Township
  • Slickville Road reconstruction (Beaver Run Bridge to Route 819), Salem Township
  • Line Painting - all County roads (2017)