How to Search Our Records

Click on Search our Records (this can also be accessed from our main webpage)
Blue page with disclaimer will come up, you will have to click “I have read and understand the above Disclaimer” to proceed to the search page.

Name search

This is the default search. You can search our records by Last and First Name or Organization Name. If you choose to, you can also put in the date range, but this is not necessary. 
Click on the Summary Search that is highlighted in yellow. All the indexes recorded under that name will come up - 10 per page (this can be changed on the bottom left or click thru the pages).
You can double click on each line, the document will pop up in separate window and you can print it, email it, or save it to your computer (the options are all on the top of the image in black bar).

Advanced/Legal search

This option allows you to narrow the parameter of the search by:
  • Category-document types
  • Consideration
  • Subdivision
  • Lot
  • Municipality
  • UPI
  • Tax map number
Please keep in mind that not all documents have these available. For example, tax map numbers were not required until 2009, therefore documents that did not have tax map numbers listed on them, would have map number indexed, thus you will not find them under that search.
The same goes for Subdivisions and lot number, those are not required to be listed.

Instrument Search

This will allow you to search by Instrument number or Book and Page number (for documents recorded prior to November 13, 2000)

Archives Search

This option is to search for old Books and also for Plan books.