How to Search Our Information

Simple Search

For most searches, the "Simple Search" option will be adequate to find the record you're looking for. Click on the words "Simple Search" and wait for the next window to open. In that window, enter the required information and change the dates as applicable to narrow the results of your search.

Click on one of the buttons at the bottom of the page: Choose "Names Summary" to see a list of all matching names. Choose "Summary Data" for a short index that provides the ability to see an image of the document. Choose "Detail Data" to see the entire index of entries the office has on file.

Once you've located the document you're looking for, click on the "Display Doc" link to view the record online. Documents filed since 1943 are available for online viewing.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search allows you to narrow the parameters of the search by:
  • Dollar amounts
  • City / Municipality / Township
  • Lot number
  • Subdivision
  • Specific indices (type of document)

Instrument Search

"Instrument Search" allows you to search by the instrument number or book and page number if you already have that information.


Use the "Preferences" option to change how you view the document search webpage. While viewing documents, you can opt to show the image in the default viewer, show the image in a frame, or show the image in a second browser window.