Become a Certified Dom Care Home Provider

Consider becoming a Dom Care Home Provider

Who can be a Dom Care Home Provider?
Individuals who wish to open their homes to others and provide a safe and nurturing environment may be a home provider. Providers must also meet the following requirements:

  • be a resident of Pennsylvania and 21 years of age or older;
  • has never been convicted of a crime involving assaultive behavior or moral turpitude;
  • has the experience and capacity to accept persons with physical, mental or age related difficulties;
  • is willing to work with the AAA and consumers;
  • has the physical health and stamina to be a provider
All Dom Care Home Providers must meet eligibility requirements yearly. Valid CPR and First Aid training are required for Home Providers. The home must be the residence of the provider and cannot have an employee of AAA residing in it.
What are the responsibilities of a Dom Care Home Provider?
  • a safe, supportive home setting with 24/7 supervision for 1 to 3 consumers
  • provide basic furnishings, utilities, nutritious meals, laundry
  • assist with personal care, i.e. help with medication, hygiene, etc.
  • assist in developing or maintaining self-help skills
  • maintain records on consumers and Dom Care home
  • comply with annual Certification and Fire Safety Inspection
  • cooperate with random home visits from Aging Care Manager
  • assure consumer is seen by doctor at least annually
  • obtain emergency medical care for consumer when needed
  • assure dental, eye and other medical services are made available
What are Dom Care Home Providers paid?
The Dom Care residents enter into a contract to pay the Home Provider on a monthly basis. The Pennsylvania Department of Aging is responsible for determining the monthly amount. Contact the Area Agency on Aging for the current monthly payment rate.
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