If you are a college student or graduate student that is interested in a non-paid internship, please contact Director Norman Mueller at 724-830-4202 or

Internships with the Westmoreland County Juvenile Probation Office afford students pursuing degrees in the Social Sciences an opportunity to gain hands on experience in the field of Juvenile Justice.

  • Work toward an advanced understanding of Balanced and Restorative Justice and the Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy
  • Learn about current Evidenced Based Practices utilized to guide the supervision of court-involved youth 
  • Observe and participate in all steps involved in the processing of youth through the Juvenile Justice System.  This includes the intake process, supervision and hearings.  
  • Learn the role of the Victim/Witness Advocate, the PTSD Coordinator and the Community Liaison
  • Gain an understanding of the role Continuous Quality Improvement plays in the current Juvenile Justice System 
  • Pursue the opportunity to become a mentor through our Youth Commission