Online Complaint

Filing an Online Complaint

When you as a consumer make a purchase at a supermarket, gas station, delicatessen, or other retail establishment, do you ever ask yourself if that scale is weighing correctly? Did the prepackaged meat you just purchased have the correct total selling price on the label? Did you receive the correct amount of home heating oil in your last delivery? And the gasoline pump you just used to fill up your tank - did the gas seem a little more costly than usual?

The Weights and Measures inspector is constantly checking and re-checking all of these devices to make sure that any of these mechanical instruments does not malfunction because of normal wear and tear. It is the inspector's job to seek out and find these errors.

If you believe you have been "shorted," either at gas pump, a mulch / firewood sale, or even at the grocery market scale, the Weights and Measures Department will look into your complaint. Use the following form for gas station complaints or suspected shortages, mulch, firewood, topsoil shortages, retail weighing issues, or register scanning issues (shelf price difference, etc.).

Fill out the printable form, print and mail, fax, or submit by email with all your relevant documents.