Equipment Control Policy

Policy Statement

Each department shall develop and implement security procedures for bringing hardware and software into and out of the County.


To mandate appropriate security procedures for use of and moving county computer equipment. The departments are responsible for the security of laptop computers and the data installed on a computer that is moved from one employee to another within their department. The Information Systems department will make sure that no sensitive data remains on a computer when it is moved from one department to another.

Equipment Control Procedures

The Information Systems department has security procedures in place for (1) bringing hardware into (2) moving hardware around within the county and (3) removing equipment from the County. These procedures include:
  • Each piece of equipment is marked with a county asset tag upon receipt
  • Maintaining a record of the movement of the equipment. These records are part of the asset inventory maintained by County.
  • Any movement of computer equipment shall be coordinated with the Information Systems department to ensure proper tracking and record maintenance.
  • A check-off shall be added to the vendor sign-in sheet that lists the equipment taken out of County and includes proper written authorization for removal of the equipment.
  • Upon disposal, the records are marked accordingly.