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Commissary & Phone Time Purchases
  • Inmate account balance limit will be increased from $300.00 to $400.00
  • Inmates are permitted to spend $100.00 in phone time, in addition to their $50.00 commissary items.
  • Example: $50.00 of hygiene items, foods, etc., and $100.00 of phone time = $150.00 total commissary sales

Phone time will be sold in increments of $5.00. You can purchase 20 units of $5.00 per week ($100.00)
At the time of your release, a form will be provided to you for a refund of unused phone time. It will be your responsibility to fill out the form and mail it to VAC. VAC will provide you with a phone card for the balance of your unused phone time.

Each inmate is permitted to check the balance of their phone time, by using the inmate phone, free of charge, once per day.

New Item number:
  • 9815 Phone time $5.00

All questions regarding phone time should be directed to VAC.