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Fee Structure
Fees for Cases Deputized to Westmoreland County 


**Advance fees are not payment in full for services performed. The actual costs to complete the requested service may exceed the advance fee request, in which case the plaintiff will be responsible for submitting the amount due.**

Cases deputized to our County require an advance fee of $175.00 per defendant.

OUT OF STATE FILINGS REQUIRE: an advance fee of $175.00 per defendant. Acceptable Payment is: certified check, money order or attorney's check or state issued checks. Personal checks WILL NOT be honored.

In all cases an attorney's check is an acceptable form of payment.

MAGISTRATE FILINGS: certified check, money order or magistrate issued check.

PROPERTY CLAIMS: certified check or money order only.

CLAIM FOR EXEMPTION: certified check or money order only.

All checks are payable as follows: JONATHAN HELD, SHERIFF

Service Types Fee
Claim for Exemption $22 per claim
Complaints $175 per service; $75 for each additional service
DJ Execution Levy $250
Possession $250
Levy and Possession $350
Garnishment $200 for first garnishee; $100 for each additional garnishee
Personal Property / Levy $300 per address
Property Claim $45 per claim
Real Estate Sales $2,500
Writ of Possession $300
Writ of Seizure  $300