Going Green

Projected Savings Generated From Utilizing VDI PANO Devices

Westmoreland County is projecting a savings in energy costs of around $100 per client device per year by replacing the PC clients with virtual desktops. The switch to virtual desktops not only saves dollars but also enhances Westmoreland County's going green initiative by reducing the energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

In addition to implementing the VDI (virtual desktop interface) devices, the county also implemented a project to replace older CRT type monitors with energy efficient LCD monitors which also is projected to save around $51 per year per device in energy costs. Through an energy grant, the county was able to acquire 750 LCD monitors at no cost to the local taxpayers.

Large Potential Savings

By implementing the PANO virtual clients in place of traditional PCs, the five-year projected dollar savings from reduced energy usage for client device is over $300,000 with another $200,000 five years' savings coming from the CRT replacement with energy efficient LCD monitors. That's a total of $500,000 savings over five years and since the VDI devices have a projected life expectancy of up to ten years we estimate that we will save the taxpayers another $530,000 in energy costs from the VDI device implementation giving a whopping total of around $1.3 million dollars over ten years.

In addition to the energy saving dollars the county will also save money on the cost of acquiring client devices since the VDI device cost is less than a PC. These savings are estimated to be around $550,000 over ten years due to a lower cost per device and ten year life expectancy instead of the typical five year for a tradition PC, eliminating the need to refresh client devices after five years. Total projected savings over ten years for both energy cost reduction and capital cost of acquisition is estimated to be $1.85 million. The goal of utilizing a Virtual Device Infrastructure versus a traditional PC is saving money for our constituents and helping our environment.