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Amy Mears DeMatt, District Court Administrator
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Criminal Court Judges:
  • R D Hathaway, Judge
  • C A Feliciani, Judge
  • M Bilik-DeFazio, Judge
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  1. Judge awarding drug court graduate

    First Graduates from Westmoreland's Drug Court Program

    The special court was initiated in 2015 as county officials struggled with a growing drug epidemic that has flooded courtrooms with cases and prisons with addicted defendants. Read on...
  2. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania seal

    Westmoreland County Local Orphans' Court Rules Published - Updated Newsflash

    The Westmoreland County Local Rules (complete set) and the Orphan's Rules have been updated in re-pagination and can be reprinted by users. Read on...
  3. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania seal

    Westmoreland County Local Orphans' Court Rules Published - Updated Newsflash

    The updated Westmoreland County local Orphans' Court Rules are available on the county website. Read on...
  4. AOPC Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts Logo

    ALERT: PA Supreme Court prothonotary’s office phone number is being used in consumer scam

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Office of the Prothonotary is warning people about a telephone scam being used to get money or personal information. Read on...
  5. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania seal

    Local Orphans' Court Update

    Please note: Westmoreland County Local Orphans’ Court Rules were published in the PA Bulletin Volume 47, Number 17 on April 29, 2017. They will become effective on May 29, 2017. “ View PA Bulletin Volume 47, Number 17
  6. Juror Donation Program

    Juror Donation Program - Update

    Great things have been done with the help of Westmoreland County citizens serving as jurors since the inception of the juror donation program in September, 2016. Read on...
  7. Notice - Statewide Orphans' Court Rules Effective September 1, 2016

    Beginning on this date, state forms MUST be used where applicable. Local forms can no longer be used where a state form exists. Read on...
  8. Recovering addicts tell lawmakers Westmoreland court rehab program works

    “The realization in this program that (county) probation cares about my welfare ... working in constant unison with my counselors and case management was an integral part of me believing in myself." Jeffrey Patterson Read on...
  9. jury duty


    Effective January 2016 pursuant to the Pennsylvania Act 54 of 2015, Westmoreland County citizens summoned for jury duty can request to be excused and will be exempted from service if .... Read on...
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