Donate Juror Service Payments to Charity

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Westmoreland County jurors have the option to donate their juror fees to local non-profit organizations. Upon completion of their jury service, jurors may authorize donation of their fees to one of the selected organizations.

The Juror Donation Program, is a way for civic-minded people to give to a good cause while saving the county money on paper, bank transactions and postage.

Initially, Blackburn Center and CASA of Westmoreland will be recipients of donated fees. The Court will determine the non-profit recipients annually. The County Controller will monitor and ensure that the donated fees are allocated to the chosen organizations on a monthly basis.
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Blackburn Center advocates for the rights of all individuals to live free from domestic and sexual violence in their homes and communities by eliminating the root causes of this violence and providing for the well-being and safety of survivors/victims.
CASA of Westmoreland, Inc., is a volunteer-based organization providing a voice in the courts on behalf of abused and neglected children in Westmoreland County. The recommendations of these volunteers assist the courts in determining the child’s placement in safe, permanent and nurturing homes.