Drug Overdose Task Force

Westmoreland County overdoses have increased dramatically--from 22 in 2002 to 126 in 2015, mirroring the national trend. At the end of 2016, the County Coroner reported 174 confirmed deaths as a result of accidental drug and alcohol poisoning. 94 of the confirmed deaths involved heroin. Overdoses--both from prescription and illegal drugs--have been the leading cause of death among accidents and suicides in Westmoreland County for the last eight years. This is a serious public health problem that affects all citizens in one way or another. Click here to view the Coroner's page for the latest statistics and overdose data.

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The County's GET IN Westmoreland--Community Coalition on Substance Use Reduction facilitates coalition building to take action, advocate, and educate community members about this epidemic.
The DOTF is led by Director Tim Phillips and advised by County Commissioners Gina Cerilli, Ted Kopas, and Chuck Anderson. Please visit our website to learn more, and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.