Current Telecommunications Savings


Westmoreland County Information Systems Department has always looked for the best proven technology that meets the needs while reducing costs. Our vision includes systematically reviewing our existing technology used and keeping tabs on technologies changes to determine if they can reduce our costs while enhancing benefits has allowed us to continually reduce costs while improving our services.

Fiber Links Installed in 2005 Good for 20 Years

  • Provides gigabit connectivity to all the county's major facilities
  • Savings based on standard Telco costs for same bandwidth
  • This installation was like replacing a country road with a California freeway for less money

Switched Internet Service Providers to IU in 2006

  • Westmoreland County Intermediate Unit is our Internet Service Provider
  • Savings based on previous ISP pricing per megabit of bandwidth
  • This installation capitalized on an existing infrastructure and a shared vision

Switched to Voice over IP (VoIP) from Centrex in 2009
  • Provided voice communications over county's existing data network
  • Savings based on reduction in Centrex Phone billing
  • VoIP provides enhanced services, more flexibility, and reduced costs

Projected Savings

Term (Years)
Contract / Term
Fiber link to all major facilities (nine)
Intermediate unit made ISP
Switch to VoIP

Total Projected Savings

Annual Telecommunications Savings