2010 Updates

In 2010 Westmoreland County Information Systems upgraded all client systems to either Windows XP which represents over 97% of our systems or Windows 7 which makes up the other 3%. We also upgraded our IT asset management software called Survey and it is now being utilized to help manage and control over 1200 computer systems used by the Westmoreland County.

Information Systems along with Tyler Technologies implemented a Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal application to work with Tax Assessment and billing systems. The selected application was ISWorld from Tyler Technologies and is scheduled to go live in 2011. Associated with the software acquisition were the necessary computer servers and storage to run the application on which were acquired and implemented by Information Systems. Also completed in 2010 was the integration of the ISWorld CAMA systems with Westmoreland Counties tax billing, tax claims, Recorder of Deeds and the enhanced GIS system.

2009 Updates

In 2009 we did the review of the Tax Assessment application and the possibility of capturing digital images of the Tax property cards and associating them with the GIS and tax related applications. We finalized that review and implemented in 2010 the scanning of the Property Tax Cards along with the implementation of the Real Vision imaging system to allow for updates and web access for our business subscribers.

Our goal is to make access to these records as seamless as possible for all the various types of users of these systems. We also began in 2010 the upgrading of our GIS web application which is scheduled to go into live production in 2011. This upgrade is expected to improve performance and comply with the latest standards in the industry while providing an improved use experience for all it users of the system. A number of other systems supporting various departments were also upgraded to support new needs.

Internet Filters

When our Internet filter subscription Websense was up for renewal we took a hard look at many other products now available in an effort to reduce cost and improve our Internet filtering capabilities. We selected Cisco Ironport Web filter to replace our previous Internet filter. This product not only saved a significant amount of money, but it also integrates with Active Directory improving the ability of Information Systems to manage Internet activity. This integration also saves the user from having to enter their user ID and Password every time they access the Internet.